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The Holloway HAC-7 is a short-lived American semi-automatic rifle.


Building on his years of experience in the military when posted to Southeast Asia and Rhodesia, Bob Holloway designed this .308 caliber rifle in 1984. Little is known about the history of the rifle other than that. The rifle was only manufactured for two years from 1984 to 1985, after which Holloway Arms went out of business. Less than 350 HAC-7s were manufactured within that span of two years.

Design Details[]

The HAC-7 was notable for taking ideas from various rifle designs and combining them into one design. The HAC-7 drew design inspiration from the FN FAL, AR-15 and AKs, but most design elements were from AKs. The HAC-7's bolt has ample underslide (i.e. the distance the carrier is allowed to retract before the bolt rotates), but this created feeding problems with the weapon due to the way the action interacted with the ammunition in the magazine before feeding. To solve the feeding issues, a large fixed plate was affixed to the bolt. The HAC-7 is also unique in that it was designed to be field stripped using just one round of ammunition as a tool.



Standard variant.


Carbine variant.


Left-handed variant.


Sporting variant with fully-adjustable trigger, sight blocks and designed for competition use.


Sniper variant designed only for use with a scope.


  • All HAC-7s were semi-automatic only, but the user's manual for the HAC-7 shows that there may have been select-fire variants.


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