Humane Pistol

A .32 ACP humane dispatch pistol

Humane dispatch pistols, also known as humane killers, are a type of firearm designed with the purpose of being used to swiftly and humanely euthanize an animal. Such pistols are usually chambered for small-calibre rounds and are often single-shot, with some exceptions. Under UK law, humane dispatch guns can hold no more than two rounds.


Humane dispatch guns are primarily used in euthanizing injured animals in scenarios in which other methods of euthanasia would not be practical or could not be applied safely. This includes dispatching large animals, such as deer, who have been crippled in road accidents or horses who are injured during races. Humane dispatch guns are also used by farmers to destroy livestock, such as bulls and sheep. The main users of such guns are veterinarians, farmers, and deer stalkers.

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