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The IMBEL IA2 is a Brazilian assault rifle.

History Edit

The IA2 was developed by IMBEL under the requests of the Brazilian government as a replacement for the FN FAL variants in service in the Brazilian military. The IA2 originally was a modernization of the IMBEL MD called MD97 MK II.[1]

Design Edit

The IA2 is an assault rifle with a 5.56x45mm variant and a 7.62x51mm variant. It uses a short-stroke gas piston with a manual gas regulator located above the barrel (similar to the FN FAL). The 5.56 version uses STANAG magazines, while the 7.62mm uses FAL magazines. Most parts are made out of polymer, except the grip and the forend. The barrel is compatible with rifle grenades.[2][3]

Variants Edit

The IA2 comes in 5.56mm variants and 7.62mm variants.

Prototype submachine gun and pistol-caliber carbine derivatives of the IA2 were first revealed to the public around 2017. Variants in 9mm Parabellum, .40 S&W and .380 ACP were shown.[4]


  • Sources sometimes claim that the IA2 has a 7.62mm sniper rifle variant; this variant does not appear to physically exist, and is most likely a fictional photoshopped mock-up included in the Small Arms Illustration Project.

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