The IWK G11 was a prototype assault rifle developed by IWK.


The rifle was designed in the 1970s by Industrie Werke Karlsruhe, better known as IWK, a branch of DWM based in Karlsruhe. There is very little information about the history of the rifle other than that.

Design DetailsEdit

The rifle had three barrels in a staggered vertical arrangement, and had simplified internals compared to the Heckler & Koch version of the weapon. The G11 was fed from 51-round drum magazines, feeding three rounds into the weapon at a time. The rifle was unable to fire fully-automatically; instead, it fired in single shots or a volley of three shots from all three barrels at once, effectively making it a three-round burst capable weapon. In spite of its simplicity, this version of the G11 was very heavy, much more so than the Heckler & Koch weapon.


The G11 used a form of caseless ammunition of an unspecified caliber.

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