The Ithaca Auto & Burglar is a handgun-sized shotgun.

History[edit | edit source]

Ithaca created this shotgun in 1922 for use in automobiles, and fired in a various amount of calibers. The weapon ceased production in 1934, where it was subject to registration and had a $200 transfer tax under the National Firearms Act of 1934, after only about 4000 were made. Because of this, a few models (around 20) were specially made with .410 bore, 16 gauge and 28 gauge, with only 11 of which being documented. It is usually documented as a sawn-off shotgun, but the Auto & Burglar was classified as a smoothbore pistol. Due to the act, any ownership of the weapon without registration is considered contraband and the offender would face up to a $250,000 fine or up to ten years in jail.

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