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The KAC ChainSAW is a prototype light machine gun system produced by Knight's Armament Company. The ChainSAW has been designed around ergonomic innovations to better suit the design to being fired from the hip.

The name "ChainSAW" is a play on words referring to the weapon's chainsaw-style grips, and its designation as a squad automatic weapon.


The Chain SAW was originally developed as a technical exercise to test new ergonomic designs for light machine guns. It was unveiled at the 2009 SHOT Show. It remains only a prototype since then, and was not produced.

Design details[]

The Chain SAW is essentially an accessory kit for KAC's Stoner LMG, utilising the common gas operated, rotating bolt action.

The Chain SAW was designed to only be fired from the hip, with a top-mounted foregrip and no stock, meaning the user would wield the Chain SAW as if they were using an actual chainsaw. As the Chain SAW is intended to be hip-fired, various targeting aids were developed alongside it to aid the aiming and accuracy, although KAC admits that more work on targeting aids will have to be made before the Chain SAW could be produced and used effectively.

The Chain SAW was sometimes displayed with a 37mm Spikes Tactical Havoc flare launcher mounted underneath the barrel. The weapon feeds from a belt box, usually containing 200 rounds of ammunition.