The Kel-Tec KSG is a bullpup 12 gauge pump-action shotgun designed and manufactured by Kel-Tec. It is fed by two dual tubular magazines, and the user can manually switch between which magazine to feed from. Each tube holds a total of seven 2¾ inch (70mm) 12 gauge shells or six 3 inch (76mm) shells.

Design Details[edit | edit source]

The Kel-Tec KSG shotgun is a manually-operated, pump-action shotgun. The ammunition is fed from a pair of tubular magazines, each running below the barrel.

Individual magazine tubes must be selected manually by the user, via a three-position switch. The middle position disconnects both magazines, allowing a user to chamber-load a round. Switching the lever to one side brings the respective magazine into the feed cycle. After a magazine is empty, the user must switch to the other magazine if they wish to feed from that one.

Rounds are inserted into a loading port located in the stock of the shotgun, which also doubles as an ejection port. Spent shells are ejected downwards through said port, allowing easy and safe ambidextrous use of the weapon (an important feature when it comes to the design of bullpup firearms). A manual safety is located above the grip that allows ambidextrous use as well. A picatinny rail runs above the barrel for optics and iron sights. Another is located on the foregrip, for attaching grips to aid in the cycling of the shotgun.

Safety Issues[edit | edit source]

Because the KSG is a bullpup firearm, the muzzle is very close to the forearm. When cocking the weapon, users may slide their hand too close to the muzzle when returning the slide to the forward position, which can prove hazardous for obvious reasons. A plastic stopper at the end of the pump was sold separately to prevent further movement of the users hand while pumping the slide.

Variants[edit | edit source]

  • KSG Tactical: Shortened version with 13.5 inch barrel. Features an integrated vertical grip.
  • KSG-NR/KSG Compact: NFA-compliant version of the KSG Tactical. Features the same barrel length as a standard KSG, but has a shortened forestock and integrated vertical grip like the Tactical variant.
  • KSG Patrol: Shortened version of the KSG with dual 6-round magazines and a 16.1 inch barrel.
  • KSG-25: Extended tubular magazine version with dual 12-round magazines. Also features a 30.5 inch barrel.

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