The EM-1 (Experimental Model 1) was a British prototype automatic rifle that was produced by RSAF Enfield.

History[edit | edit source]

The EM-1 was developed as part of a first wave of automatic rifle prototypes commissioned by RSAF Enfield in 1946. Several design teams, divided up by nationality, were tasked with producing prototypes for the project and the first gun to be completed, the EM-1, was designed by the Polish team headed by Roman Korsak. It was conceptually based on an earlier Belgian automatic rifle, the ABL.

Development of the EM-1 continued into 1947, by which time Korsak had left the design team and had been replaced by Kazimierz Januszewski. However, the British Army quickly lost interest in the 7.92×57mm cartridge and wanted to focus more on the intermediate .280 caliber. More funding was granted to the .280 rifle projects and the 7.92mm experimental rifles, including the EM-1, were abruptly cancelled.

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