An animated diagram showing each of the wheellock's outer parts being released.

The following is a list of the main parts and accessories in the wheellock mechanism that are essential to fire and reload it (parts listed here are the parts chiefly in the lock plate).

The wheelEdit

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The wheel in the wheellock mechanism, is the centerpoint of the wheellock, which was struck by the hammer containing flint while it was spinning (after being wound up), which made sparks that were led into the flash pan.

The hammerEdit

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The wheellock's hammer (right).

The hammer in the wheellock mechanism, is what held the pyrite which was struck against the wheel. Before the wheellock was fired, the hammer had to be prepared, by (if necessary) replacing the flint (or some other material); then the hammer containing the (new or old) flint was pushed down against the priming pan, where it would be released on the wheel after the trigger was pulled.

The priming panEdit

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The flash pan is what held the powder which was what ignited the main powder in the barrel, after it was exposed to sparks; the sparks were made by the hammer containing flint striking the spinning wheel.

The wheel keyEdit


A sketch-style diagram showing the wheel key (right).

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The key is what was used to wind the wheel up before firing, they would have to be pressed onto the wheel (where a small screw-like piece was which the key "hooked" to) and wound.

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