The Lorcin Engineering Company was a firearms manufacturer that is notorious for producing faulty, small-caliber pistols.

They made low-quality firearms from around 1989 to 1999, about ten years.

History[edit | edit source]

Lorcin pistols are infamous for being an unreliable firearm company, as their weapons are frequently prone to jamming and accidental discharges, despite having low recoil. Lorcin Engineering Industries eventually went bankrupt after numerous cases of guns going off and harming users, as well as the fact that the pistol is one of the most popular weapons in low-grade gang robberies and other crime due to the pistol usually going for under $100. There have been numerous cases where the front of the metal slide has literally cracked and broken off during firing.

Lorcin pistols are generally regarded as the worst firearm production company in history, similar in nature to Jimenez and Cobra.

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