Not to be confused with the Parabellum MG14.

The MG14z is a double-barreled variant of the MG3 general purpose machine gun[1][2]. The MG14z enhances the firepower of military units that still issue the MG3 or other MG 42 derivatives, including the Italian MG 42/59 or the former Yugoslavian SARAC-53.

Only the receivers of two separate MG3s remain in the MG14z, everything is re-engineered and rebuilt from the ground up, new barrels with ventilated shrouds, new feeding ports, new twin belt feed with downwards ejection, new single pistol grip and trigger, new common chassis, and an integrated electronic shot counter. Its cyclic rate is adjustable from 600 to 3000 rounds per minute. As the project is currently ongoing, there's no further information currently available about the MG14z, the Tactics Group GmbH company however seems to believe in it, going as far as to call it "a low-cost alternative to Miniguns".

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