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The MGK (Малый Гранатомётный Комплекс, Malyy Granatomotnyy Kompleks, small grenade launcher weapon system) Bur (Бур, drill in English) is a Russian rocket launcher.


The Bur is a development of the RPO PDM-A Shmel-M. The weapon was first tested by the Russian army in 2013, and was first shown off to the general public at Interpolitex 2014. After receiving good reports from Russian testers, the weapon was sent to the EUROSATORY-2014 exhibition. The Bur was adopted by Russian anti-terror units in 2016.

Design Details[]

The Bur resembles a much smaller RPO PDM-A, and in fact, is based on the RPO PDM-A, sharing components like the firing control group. Unlike the RPO PDM-A, however, the Bur is reusable and is of a smaller caliber, and as such can accept multiple types of ammunition. The launch tube is made of polymer, and the weapon can accommodate multiple types of optics in addition to the one it already has.


The Bur uses multiple types of unnamed 62mm rockets. There are two known versions of the rockets; a high-explosive fragmentation round and a fuel-air thermobaric round. The rockets are encased in plastic tubes hermetically sealed on both ends, with the plastic tubes launched out the rear of the weapon when the weapon is fired.