The MRO (Малогабаритный Реактивный Oгнемет, Malogabaritnyy Reaktivnyy Ognemet, Small rocket-propelled flamethrower in Russian) Borodach (Бородач, bearded in Russian) is a Russian rocket launcher.


The MRO was developed around the tail end of the 1990s. It was put into service in 2003 to replace the older RShG-2 and RPO-A Shmel incendiary rocket launchers.

Design Details

The MRO rocket launcher is quite similar to the older RShG-2 rocket launcher, except with diopter sights installed as opposed to sights similar to the ones used on the RPG-26. Two covers protect the front and rear of the weapon when not in use, and are removed prior to firing. The disposable launch tube is made of fiberglass.


The MRO rocket launcher has 3 variants, with a color code differentiating each variant.


Variant with thermobaric, Fougasse or general-purpose rockets. Identified by two red stripes on the launch tube.

MRO-D (MPO-Д, Димна, Dimna, Smokescreen)

Variant with rockets that project a smokescreen. Identified by one red stripe on the launch tube.

MRO-Z (МРО-З, Запалювальна, Zapalyuval'na, Incendiary)

Variant with incendiary rockets. Identified by a yellow stripe on the launch tube.

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