Manufacture d'armes de Saint-Étienne (lit. St. Étienne Arms Manufacturer) was a French state-owned firearms manufacturing company. Founded in 1764, the site was annexed in 2001 and the company merged into the Nexter defense conglomerate.


The company was founded in 1764 with the approval of King Louis XV of France and overseen by a Mr. de Montbéliard. A more modern factory was built in 1864, with rifles like the Gras and Chassepot being produced around that time.

The company experienced a decline around the 1960s, with the site being taken over by GIAT Industries in 1989; the site was closed in 2001 and was gazetted a monument historique in 2006.[1]


MAS was known for their prolific production of arms, with a wide variety of pistols, rifles and revolvers to their name.

Assault rifles
Battle rifles
Single-shot rifles
Bolt-action rifles
Self-loading rifles
Submachine guns
Pistols and revolvers
Machine guns
Artillery pieces
  • Canon de 75 modèle 1897


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