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The Mateba MTR is a series of target revolvers manufactured by Mateba, designed by Italian designer Emilio Ghisoni. It was the second weapon designed by Ghisoni, as well as his first revolver.

Design Details[]

The gun, like Ghisoni's previous MT1, is intended to be a competition shooting weapon. Ghisoni's trademark design philosophies begin to surface in this weapon.[1]

The bore axis is relatively low, and the weight is distributed more to the front, making it easier for target shooters to make follow-up shots. To lower the bore axis, the cylinder is placed at the front of the gun, which also gives it a larger capacity compared to other revolvers due to not being restricted in size by the shooter's grip.[1]

The hammer is entirely shrouded in the frame. Two levers are present near the hammer on the outside, allowing the user to cock the hammer.[2]

The cylinder latch is found just ahead of the cylinder. The cylinder can open down by pushing the button downwards.[1]

Mateba MTR-8 Loading Clip

Disassembled Mateba MTR-8 loading clip

The weapon's loading procedure is rather unusual. A clamshell styled disc comes with the weapon, holding the rounds in place in a manner reminiscent of a speedloader, loaded in to the cylinder from behind. The gun will not fire without the loading clip being in place.[1]


  • MTR-8: .38 Special, eight round capacity
  • MTR-8M: .357 magnum, eight round capacity
  • MTR-12: .32 S&W, twelve round capacity
  • MTR-14: .22 LR, fourteen round capacity
  • MTRC-x: carbine variants of the above revolvers, with some models featuring increased ammo capacity.

NOTE: Models that were not chambered in .38 Special are not confirmed to exist, and may have just been prototypes or concepts.[1]



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