The Mauser M2 is a Mauser branded handgun offered in the United States. It is a self-loading double action pistol offered in .45 ACP initially, and later in .40 S&W and .357 SIG.

Design[edit | edit source]

The Mauser M2 is dimensionally similar to the SIG P229 pistol, also manufactured by SIGARMS. Unlike most SIGs, it utilizes a rotating barrel like a Beretta. It's also striker-fired, like a Glock pistol.

It uses short barrel recoil with rotating barrel locking. The handgun has DAO trigger with striker firing (no hammer). Mauser M2 features numerous safeties: automatic firing pin safety, trigger bar dis-connector, loaded chamber indicator. Moreover, the manual safety is available as option. The manual safety is located in unusual place - at the rear side of the frame, under the place where the hammer usually may be found. Also, M2 features aluminium alloy frame with steel slide and replaceable slide rails.

Reports[edit | edit source]

M2 is reported as a comfortable, compact sidearm. The only minor drawback of M2 is its rotating barrel, that requires good lubrication of the rotating barrel to operate properly.

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