The Minebea PM-9, officially designated as the 9mm Machine Pistol (9mm機関拳銃 Kyūmiri Kikan Kenjū) or M9 is a Submachine gun made by Minebea Co., LTD in Japan. It is based on the IMI Mini-Uzi, and shares the same telescoping bolt, but slightly differs in departments such as handling and appearance.

History Edit

The weapon is produced by Minebea Co., LTD, to serve as a replacement for the M3 Grease Gun, which was at the time, the main submachine gun for the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF.) It was adopted for non-frontline proposes, such as a backup weapon for vehicle operators, and special operation units in 1999. It has been the main submachine gun for the JSDF, but since 2009, the JSDF have sought for possible, less-expensive alternatives, such as the Heckler & Koch MP5 to phase it out in the near future.

Design Details Edit

The weapon is based of Israel Military Industries's Mini Uzi, and shares most functions and operations, but it differs from it's Israel counterpart in a couple ways. It features an integral foregrip to aid in sustained fully-automatic fire, a flash suppressor is also placed at the end of the barrel. The weapon features a couple optional modifications, such as a folding stock, a sound suppressor, and a reflector sight. Older models of the PM-9 used wood for the foregrip and pistol grip, but more recent models use synthetic plastic.

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