The ORSIS SE T-5000[1] (Cyrillic: ОРСИС Т-5000) is a sniper rifle designed and mannufactured by ORSIS since 2011.


The T-5000 was first shown off at an international arms expo hosted in Nizhny Tagil in 2011 and began production the same year, with the rifle being produced in ORSIS's Moscow plant.[2] The rifle was adopted by various Russian special forces in 2018;[3] prior to this, the weapon was tested as part of the Ratnik trials.[4]

Design DetailsEdit

The T-5000 is a bolt-action rifle designed and manufactured by ORSIS; it is said to be completed manufactured in-house with no outside parts or components used. The weapon uses a skeletal aluminum stock which folds to the side. The weapon features an adjustable trigger and is available in a number of different configurations based on application.[1]

Optical sights are produced by a company named Daedalus and night vision modules are also available.



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