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The PB (Pistolet Besshumnyy, Пистолет Бесшумный, Silent pistol) pistol (GRAU index 6P9), also known as the Makarov PB, is a Russian silent pistol.


The PB was introduced in 1967 to the Soviet Military, and has been in service with their special forces since. It has been occasionally used for other purposes, such as in Belarus, where it is used for criminal executions.

Design details[]

Designed by A.A. Deryagin, the PB is heavily based on the Makarov pistol's action and even takes the same 8-round magazines, although it must be made clear that they are not the same firearm. The PB can be differentiated from a normal Makarov by its wider barrel and shorter overall length unsuppressed. The PB's suppressor is of a two-piece design, which is a rarity among suppressor designs; this allows for concealed carry with the front part of the suppressor removed, and for quick attachment when required. The PB can also be fired without the suppressor at all, which can be helpful in some situations. Because of its shorter overall length, its slide is also somewhat shorter, which prevents the placement of a return spring in it; this issue is solved by having the slide return spring placed in the grip, and acts on the slide with the assistance of a long lever.

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