The PDShP (Georgian: პდშპ) is a series of anti-materiel rifles developed by the Georgian military research unit STC DELTA and produced by Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing. The weapons are based on a bullpup design and there are different versions. Development of the current series was completed in 2013[1]


The development of the rifles was complete in late 2012 to early 2013 but the weapons were not revealed earlier than May 2014.

Variants Edit

Currently there are three or four variants available. They are all bullpup configured. The more recent 12.7×108mm version is recoil-operated with a 6 round box magazine feed and has an effective range of 1800–2000 meters. Its development was completed in 2013.

Almost simultaneously a shorter and more compact bolt action rifle was designed. It fires the more powerful 14.5×114mm rounds yet its effective range is limited to 1100–1200 meters.


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