The PP-2000 is a Russian submachine gun. Designed to be reliable, the weapon has very few parts, to keep things simple and production costs low. While it was issued in 2003, it was only publicly displayed in 2004 at the Interpolytech-2004 exhibition held in Moscow, despite its patent being filed in 2001. It is one of 2 standard submachine guns used by the Russian police, the other being the Vityaz-SN.


The PP-2000 is very simply designed. Using the blowback principle, it fires from an open bolt. The PP-2000's charging handle is located above the barrel and directly behind the front iron sight, and folds out of the way when it is not in use, similar to that of a Heckler & Koch HK36 or G36. The trigger guard is enlarged and shaped to serve as a front handle. The PP-2000 uses proprietary box magazines which hold 20 or 44 rounds. The PP-2000 had the ability to store an extra magazine at the rear of the weapon by means of a small recess, a feature considered unusual for a submachine gun or any gun for that matter. The additional stored magazine also could function as a stock, however, on later models, a wire-folding stock was also available. While it is able to accept standard 9x19mm Parabellum ball ammunition, the PP-2000 is intended to be used with 7N21 and 7N31 armor-piercing ammo. This ammo offers a significant increase in armor-defeating capabilities.


The PP-2000 has not been adapted in mass service anywhere yet, but is offered to eligible buyers among Law Enforcement and Military around the world.



Semi-automatic civilian carbine variant.[1]


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