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The Pfeifer Zeliska is an Austrian large-caliber single-action revolver produced by Pfeifer Waffen. One of the largest revolvers ever made, the Zeliska is chambered in .600 Nitro Express or .458 Winchester Magnum.[1][2]

Originally designed by Austrian firearm enthusiast Adolf Zeliska (German Wikipedia) as a custom weapon (then chambered in .458 Win Mag), the weapon was manufactured by Pfeifer Waffen and later produced to order. The .600 Nitro Express version was first produced in 2001.[1]

Reloading is done via a loading gate. Parts of the weapon are gold plated, and the model name and manufacturer address are also inscribed in gold.[3][4]



  • Zeliska applied for a Guinness World Record for "Strongest Revolver in the World" for his revolver in 1996, but was rejected by Guinness who stated that they have stopped taking records in the category of "Wars and Crimes" (German: Kriege und Verbrechen).[1]

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