The Pistola con Caricato is a triple-barreled revolver of Italian origin.

Design DetailsEdit

A break-action weapon, the Pistola con Caricato features three barrels, complimented by a very high capacity 18-shot cylinder, which is reloaded via two-piece moon clip-type loading devices. They sandwich the 18 rounds between a holding plate and a firing access plate, through which the firing pins strike the cartridges.

The weapon has five operational settings, and the selector allows the shooter to choose which firing pin and barrel would be used to fire the gun. It also has the option to fire from all three barrels at once with one pull of the trigger. It also features a mechanical safety that prevents the hammer from hitting any of the firing pins.


It uses the low-powered, semi-rimmed 6.35×16mm caliber round, which is traditional for light pocket handguns for the time.


The Pistola con Caricato was manufactured in the early 20th century, but there is little solid history behind it. This suggests that it was either a one-off prototype or a custom-built weapon.

It was rumored that the weapon was once kept in the firearms collection of the world-famous Smithsonian Institution, but confirmation of this claim has proven to be elusive.

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  • Caricato is an Italian word meaning "stuffed" or "caricature", either of which could apply to the weapon's unusual appearance.