The Poliçan P84 is an Albanian submachine gun designed and manufactured by the Poliçan Arsenal throughout the 1980s.


The P84 was produced throughout the 1980s and essentially acted as the "successor" weapon to the PPS submachine gun.[1] The P84 was issued to special units in the Albanian armed forces, with some even making their way to Italy to arm the Communist Brigate Rosse (Red Brigade). After the Cold War ended, the P84 was taken out of official service and most have since been scrapped, with most weapons being replaced with Soviet or Chinese equivalents; however, multiple captured examples survive.[2]

Design DetailsEdit

The P84 is a straight blowback submachine gun. The weapon feeds from 40-round magazines and has a telescoping wireframe stock; when the stock is retracted, it can cover the entire rear part of the grip. The P84 has a grip safety that can only be disengaged when the user holds the magazine well, à la TZ-45.[1]



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