The QBZ-95 (Chinese: 95式自动步枪; pinyin: 95 Shì Zìdòng Bùqiāng; literally: "Type 95 Automatic Rifle") is a Chinese assault rifle that is produced by Norinco. It is currently the standard service rifle of the Chinese military.

Its English designation QBZ-95 comes from 轻武器, 步枪, 自动, 1995; pinyin: Qīngwuqi, Bùqiāng, Zìdòng, 1995; literally "Light weapon, Rifle, Automatic, 1995".

History[edit | edit source]

In the late 1980s, the Chinese military became interested in adopting the domestically-designed 5.8×42mm cartridge to replace the aging Russian 7.62×39mm round. A new assault rifle was requested to chamber this cartridge, and in 1987 the QBZ-87 prototype was trialed, but was considered unsatisfactory. After the rejection of the QBZ-87, engineers at Chinese state arsenals worked on developing a new, state-of-the-art bullpup rifle for the 21st century, also built around the 5.8×42mm cartridge. This new gun, known as the QBZ-95, was finished by the mid-1990s and was taken into service in 1995. It was first publicly unveiled at the Hong Kong handover ceremony in 1997.

Since then, the QBZ-95 has served as the standard-issue assault rifle of all branches of the Chinese military, replacing the Type 56 and Type 81. Several variants have been produced, including a light support weapon known as the QBB-95, and a compact carbine known as the QBZ-95B. An export variant chambered in 5.56×45mm has also been produced, which is called the QBZ-97.

Sudan has ordered some quantities of QBZ-97s for trials and intends to adopt it for their military in the near future. Myanmar also produces an unlicensed clone of the QBZ-97, known as the MA-1 Mk.III.

Design[edit | edit source]

The QBZ-95 is a gas-operated assault rifle in a bullpup configuration.

Variants[edit | edit source]


Original variant as introduced in 1995.


Updated version of the QBZ-95, featuring ergonomic enhancements.


Export variant.

Type 97 NSR

Civilian export version of the QBZ-97 intended for Canadian market, locked to semi-auto. Produced by Norinco under the Emei brand name.[1]

Type 97 NSR Flat Top

Type 97 NSR with flat top and picatinny rails.[2][3] Modifications[edit | edit source] produces modifications for the Type 97 NSR, including the LHG (Lower Hand Guard) and FTU (Flat Top Upper).[4][5]

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