For the gun commonly known as the OVP, see Revelli submachine gun.

Roberto Incerti & C. - Villar Perosa S.A., more commonly known as RIV, was an Italian manufacturing company active from 1906 to 1965. Founded by FIAT founder Giovanni Agnelli in 1906, the company manufactured mainly ball bearings until it was absorbed by SKF in 1965.

History[edit | edit source]

RIV was founded by Roberto Incerti and Giovanni Agnelli Sr., the founder of FIAT, in Turin in 1906, as a subsidiary of FIAT to produce ball bearings. While originally producing these ball bearings out of a workshop in Turin, RIV decided to expand and build a large factory in the Torinese village of Villar Perosa; this factory would be known as the Officine di Villar Perosa (OVP).

After the factory in Villar Perosa was built, Incerti resigned from his position in 1908, leaving Agnelli the sole owner. Production was originally slow but began to ramp up during World War I, with the Officine di Villar Perosa producing submachine guns for the war effort. RIV would become an independent company in 1919.[1]

In 1921, RIV attempted to market their newest product, a newly-designed submachine gun from Col. Abiel Revelli, an employee of RIV at the time. The submachine gun was somewhat successful, although sales were somewhat slow. Come World War II, the RIV factories became prime bombing targets; the factories were bombed multiple times, resulting in the deaths of some seventy workers.[2]

Machines were quickly rebuilt following the War and production was quickly restarted. In the 1950s, RIV built a new office building in Turin. This would not last long, however; in the 1960s, RIV's products became less and less competitive compared to its contemporaries, and by 1965, the company was absorbed by Swedish company AB SKF. After RIV was absorbed, the factories in Turin were abandoned in 1971, with SKF assuming total control over RIV and renaming it SKF Industrie in 1979.[2]

Products[edit | edit source]

RIV was known for producing the following firearms:

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