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The Royal Ordnance Factory Fazakerley, more commonly known as ROF Fazakerley, was a British state-owned firearms manufacturer established in 1941. A small arms manufacturer based in Fazakerley, Liverpool, from which it got its name, ROF Fazakerley was responsible for manufacturing some amount of weapons for the United Kingdom's war effort.


ROF Fazakerley was formed from some 300 acres of housing at Long Lane in Liverpool, with the Liverpool Corporation transforming it into ROF Fazakerley in 1941 after it was acquired by the British Armed Forces.[1] Managers of the new factory were drawn from the Royal Arsenal and RSAF Enfield.[2]

During the war, ROF Fazakerley produced various firearms for the British war effort, such as the Sten; they would produce the Sterling submachine gun after the war. The factory was closed in 1960 and subsequently demolished to become a housing estate.[1]


ROF Fazakerley was known to have produced or designed the following firearms: