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The RShG-2 (Russian: Реактивная Штурмовая Граната, Reaktivnaya Shturmovaya Granata, lit. "Rocket-propelled assault grenade weapon") Aglen-2 (Аглень-2) is a Russian rocket launcher.


The RShG-2 is a development of the older RPG-26 Aglen rocket launcher. The RShG-2 was designed to enhance the firepower of a single soldier in a modern battlefield.

Design Details[]

The RShG-2 is very similar to the RPG-26 in terms of looks and function, with one major difference; the RShG-2 uses a thermobaric warhead as opposed to a normal high-explosive warhead. This change in the weapon's warhead allows the weapon to have a slightly higher lethality due to the thermobaric fuel.


The RShG-2 uses an unnamed 72.5mm thermobaric warhead. The warhead contains 1.16 kilograms (2.56 pounds) of thermobaric mixture, with an explosive yield roughly equal to that of 3 kilograms (6.61 pounds) of TNT. The solid rocket booster of the warhead in question was taken from the RPG-26 and the fuse taken from the TBG-7 warhead used by the famed RPG-7. The warhead has a stated penetration capability of 300 millimeters (11.8 inches) of concrete and 500 millimeters (19.7 inches) of brick.