The Reifgraber pistol, also known as the Union automatic pistol, is an Austrian-American pistol.


The pistol was a semi-automatic pistol and designed by Joseph Joachim Reifgraber, an Austrian machinist, with some assistance from Charles F. Lefever, who designed the Lefever automatic revolver. It was marketed around the same time that the Lefever revolver was being marketed, and around the same time that the Colt M1911 was being adopted by the United States Army, in 1911. It was considered a commercial failure and approximately 100 were made, with the highest known serial number being 88.

Design DetailsEdit

The Reifgraber is a pistol with an unusual locked breech action and fired using a short recoil principle. It was chambered for .32 S&W, but it is possible to convert this pistol to use .32 ACP with a barrel switch and a magazine switch.

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