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The Remington Model 7188 is a prototype automatic shotgun.


The 7188 was specifically developed for U.S. Navy SEALs for use in the Vietnam War. It was well-liked by the SEALs because of its sheer destructive power, but was said to recoil extremely hard. After the war, most 7188s were converted to semi-automatic operation and designated the Model 7180, despite retaining the unique selector switch.

Design Details[]

The 7188 is essentially a fully-automatic Remington Model 1100.


The 7188 used a variety of custom loads, such as the nine-round XM162, the 27-round XM257, standard 12 gauge buckshot and a few custom 12 gauge silenced rounds.


The 7188 had many variants, in fact, six.

Mk 1

It had an extended magazine, perforated barrel shroud, bayonet mount and adjustable rifle sights. This is the most common version.

Mk 2

This was identical to the Mk 1, but had a ventilated barrel rib and front bead sights of a standard shotgun.

Mk 3

It was identical to the Mk 1, but lacked the perforated barrel shroud.

Mk 4

This was a Mk 3 with standard shotgun sights.

Mk 5

This was a Mk 1 with no perforated barrel ribs and lacked an extended magazine.

Mk 6

This was a Mk 5 with standard shotgun sights.