The RH-70 was an experimental Bullpup assault rifle developed in 1970 by Rheinmetall-Industrie-GmbH of West Germany. It was designed to replace the G-3 battle rifle then in service.

It was an entry for a possible 5.56mm replacement of the 7.62 x 51 mm NATO G3 battle rifle in German service. It is interesting to know how close the magazine and the grip are (the space between the rear side of the grip and the magazine curve form somewhat a "Thumbhole"), thus still allowing the entire bolt to be placed in the rear of the weapon, inside the stock, like in all bullpups, yet moving the ejection port much forward and allowing right-handed/left-handed operation independently.

The RH-70 was made for study and develop the bullpup concept of a rifle in the small 5.56 x 45 caliber with the G3 system. The barrel is shorter of 20mm and whole rifle is shorter of 235mm of a standard HK G3 rifle

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