The S-333 Volleyfire is an American double-barreled pocket revolver.


The Volleyfire was designed in 2017 in its original form to offer its users the performance of multiple projectiles in a small form factor.[1] The weapon was first showcased at the 2017 SHOT Show, where it was touted as being "compact, reliable and invoative [sic]". No release date was ever announced.[2]

The pistol was completely redesigned and reunveiled in January 2019. It is touted as being "the safest personal protection firearm available".[3] The weapon will most likely be showcased at SHOT Show 2019; no release date has been announced even in this form.

Design DetailsEdit

The Volleyfire was originally a top-break pepperbox-styled pocket pistol with six barrels in a hexagonal cluster. A button is featured in front of the barrel cluster and is used to eject spent casings from the weapon.

In its original form, the weapon fires two shots with one pull of the trigger, with the firing pins repositioning themselves after each shot.[4] The weapon has been stated to be not available in .25 ACP at launch. The weapon was to be available in four colors: pink, black, ranger green and gold finger.[1]

After the weapon's redesign in 2019, the S-333 was changed completely; it is now a double-barreled revolver with an eight-shot cylinder. The weapon has a very uniquely-shaped trigger with an articulated trigger safety built in à la Glock. On pulling the trigger, the weapon fires two rounds; the cylinder holds eight rounds. The weapon can chamber both .22 Winchester Magnum and some sort of small shotgun shell.[3]

Standard Manufacturing has trademarked the names Volleyfire and S-333.[4][3]



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