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The KEG (Király. End, Gaetzi) was a Swiss prototype self-loading rifle designed by SIG.


The KEG rifle was designed by three SIG engineers, Pál de Király, Gotthard End, and Jakob Gaetzi. Four differing prototypes were built from 1930 to 1932, but the project was quickly cancelled in favor of other developments. In 1942, the project was revived as the N42, and again in 1946 as the N46, but these attempts to revitalize interest in the design were unsuccessful. Little documentation surrounding the project survived.


The KEG and N rifles were gas-operated self-loading rifles. The bolt was operated by use of a gas piston, connected from a long gas tube that ran from the barrel to the breech. The gas pressure that built up inside the barrel would bleed into the tube and travel to the breech, where it would force the bolt back, allowing a new round to be chambered.