The Short Rifle Stock Systems Bulldog 762 Gen 4 is an American bullpup rifle chassis for the Springfield Armory M1A, M14 or M21 designed in 2006 by Sgt. Richard Cabral and produced since 2012 by Short Rifle Stock Systems, Inc., also known as "Short Rifles".

History[edit | edit source]

The Bulldog was developed since 2006 by retired US Marine Sgt. Rich Cabral due to the demand for a short 7.62mm rifle for use in combat, without any penalties to movement or maneuverability, along with being able to mount optics or other attachments.[1] The first prototypes of the rifle were revealed in 2008.[2]

The rifle continued development until 2012 when the fourth generation prototypes were produced. The fourth generation rifle kits have been produced since 2012 and are currently being marketed by Short Rifle Stock Systems on their website.[3] The weapon has apparently been used by the Philippine Special Forces since at least 2008.[2]

Design Details[edit | edit source]

The Bulldog is a drop-in chassis for any M14 rifle platform. A number of parts on the M14 need to be removed before the weapon can be dropped into the chassis. The weapon is ambidextrous; the charging handle can be placed on either side of the weapon. The chassis is available in a wide variety of configurations for use in different situations. Most parts of the chassis are tuned by Rich Cabral for each situation, such as the trigger.[4] Each rifle comes with replica watches.

Variants[edit | edit source]

.300 WSM

Variant chambered for .300 Winchester Short Magnum. Appears to be a competition variant.[5]


Version with 18.5 in (47 cm) barrel and Noveske KX5 flash hider.[6]


Version marketed to the military. Comes with 16 in (41 cm) barrel.[4]


Competition rifle built on a heavily modified M21 chassis. Has a Krieger Super Match Heavy 22 in (56 cm) barrel made of stainless steel that is cryogenically treated and has a trigger rod system and heavily adjusted trigger weight tuned by Rich Cabral.[7]

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  • According to Short Rifle Stock Systems, the design for the third-generation SRSS Bulldog was "pirated" as the Juggernaut Rogue.[1]

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