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The SSG 82 (Scharfschützengewehr 1982) was an East German sniper rifle designed and manufactured by VEB Fahrzeug- und Jagdwaffenwerk "Ernst Thälmann" Suhl during the 1980s.


On receiving the technical data for the new 5.45×39mm round, East Germany set out to create their own version of the AK-74, the MPi-AK-74; alongside this rifle, they wanted a precision rifle to go along with it.[1]

The rifles were built in secret at the Ernst Thälmann factory in Suhl; the design team was under the watch of Erich Mielke. Never intended for civilian sales, the SSG 82s were issued to the German State Security service, also known as the Stasi; these were apparently intended to stop the import of police sniper rifles from non-socialist countries and military sniper rifles from socialist countries.[2] Other details of the SSG 82's history, however, remain poorly documented.

Century Arms imported some 600 SSG 82s into the United States around 2000.[1] Some ten rifles were found when Stasi HQ was occupied by activists; these were later passed off to collectors.[3]

Design Details[]

The SSG 82 is a bolt-action sniper rifle based on the Suhl KK150 competition rifle. The gun features a cold-hammer forged receiver and a free-floating barrel; the barrel features a semi-bull profile and a target crown. The bolt is a four-lug rotating bolt, and the safety is a sliding disc safety located on the right side of the weapon. The stock features a stippled grip and forearm and also features an adjustable buttplate for length of pull; the SSG 82 also features an adjustable two-stage trigger.[2] The weapon features a Zeiss Ziel4/S 4×32 scope featuring a standard German reticle. Other details of the weapon are not well documented.