The ST Kinetics Squad Support Weapon is a Singaporean prototype weapon platform.[1]


The SSW was conceived as part of the Future Light Support Weapon program hosted by Sweden, in an attempt to replace the Mk 19 and M203 grenade launchers attached on the Ak 5 at platoon and squad levels. The SSW was intended as the replacement for the latter.

Orders for the design and production of the SSW were placed on Nammo and ST Kinetics, scheduled for delivery in 2003. The ST Kinetics SSW is the design from ST Kinetics.[2]

Prototypes of the weapon have been made for display, but as of 2016 it has not been put into service or made into a full-production weapon.[3]

Design DetailsEdit

The platform consists of a fire-control system mounted up top, a semi-automatic 5.7mm rifle and a 40mm grenade launcher located up top. 400 tungsten balls are placed inside the bullet, and when impacting a target, fire out of the casing in a conical shape similar to a shotgun.[2][4]

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