The Schönberger-Laumann 1892 is an early Austrian self-loading pistol. It is developed from the Laumann 1891, which is known for being one of the first, if not the first, self-loading pistols produced.


The Schönberger-Laumann pistols were developed from older pistols that Josef Laumann himself designed and developed in 1891; in fact, the weapons were developed from older manually-operated repeating pistols that Laumann developed. His original pistols were submitted to the Austo-Hungarian army for testing, but got rejected.

Laumann later decided to sell some of his patents to the Schönberger brothers; both parties later collaborated to create the Schönberger-Laumann pistol. The weapon was later submitted to the Austro-Hungarian army for testing by the Schönberger brothers, but due to the weapon being constructed of parts that were held over from the original repeating Laumann pistols which were thoroughly obsolete at the time, Laumann's design was rejected once again.

Design Details

The weapon is a self-loading pistol that uses a lot of parts from Laumann's older designs. Just like his older designs, the weapon uses a 5-round Mannlicher-styled en-bloc clip. The cocking lever is on the right side of the weapon and also acts as the safety. Because the weapon uses many parts from Laumann's older designs, it has somewhat similar ergonomics to his older designs, such as a big round button on the right side of the weapon used to eject the en-bloc clips.


The Schönberger-Laumann uses a 7.8×19mmR cartridge, also known as the 8mm Schönberger.

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