The Schwarzlose submachine gun was a German prototype submachine gun designed by Andreas Schwarzlose.


Not much is known about the development of the Schwarzlose submachine gun. It is thought to have been made during World War I and possibly tested by the German Army. There are at least two surviving examples, both held in Russia. One of these examples has an elevated stock with an oil can in the butt, whereas the other has a regular wooden stock.


The internal mechanism of this submachine gun was based on the MG 08 machine gun, but scaled down and re-chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum. Mounted on the left side of the receiver is a hatch-opened box designed to hold a row of eight 10-round clips, which would be fed into the receiver one-by-one. Each depleted clip would be ejected from a port on the right side of the receiver. The weapon has a fore grip and an adjustable tangent sight.

The pistol grip of the Schwarzlose submachine gun could mount a shovel attachment, which could double as a monopod.



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