A side by side shotgun

The side by side shotgun (SxS), also known as coach guns, is a type of common double-barreled break-action shotguns. It is a staple of hunters, sportsmen, and action media. These shotguns have simple designs, consisting of two side-by-side parallel shotgun barrels, generally with two hammers and two triggers to fire the individual barrels. Contrasting with this design is the over-and-under shotgun, which has two shotgun barrels above and beneath each other.

The design of side-by-side shotguns is very old. Black powder versions are iconic weapons of the Old West and percussion cap or muzzle loader shotguns are symbols of the Pioneer expansion westward throughout the 1800s. As of the late 1890s, double barreled shotguns were built to withstand the higher pressures of the modern smokeless powder shells.

A common modification made to side-by-side shotguns is to saw their barrels short. Due to their simple design, the barrels can be sawed off without damaging any vital components, creating a compact shotgun.

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