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A Dragunov, an example of a sniper rifle.

A sniper rifle is a rifle that is used for precise engagement of targets at extended ranges. They typically are able to hold 1 minute of angle (MOA) or less at range, and are chambered in either an intermediate rifle cartridge (if intended for law enforcement usage) or a full-size rifle cartridge. Sniper rifles, due to their intended usage, almost always have a telescopic sight mounted. Some military sniper rifles also have back-up iron sights in case of telescopic sight breakage. Sniper rifles can either be a semi-automatic rifle, or more often, a bolt-action rifle.

Sniper rifles, if they are of the semi-automatic variety, are generally heavily modified, accurized versions of battle rifles or assault rifles.

Sniper rifles generally use camouflage while some are simply painted with olive drab.

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