Captain Stefan Kenneth Janson (born Kazimierz Stefan Januszewski) was a Polish-born British firearms designer who worked for RSAF Enfield. One of a number of Polish immigrants who worked for RSAF Enfield, Janson was most known for the design of his EM-2 rifle.

History[edit | edit source]

Born Kazimierz Stefan Januszewski in Poland, Januszewski joined an anti-aircraft regiment in the Polish Army; he then worked in metalworks at Huta Stalowa Wola and FB Radom before he was captured as a prisoner of war in World War II and interned in Hungary, but managed to escape to the United Kingdom, traveling via Yugoslavia, Italy and France before eventually reaching the United Kingdom.[1]

There, Januszewski was put to work at RSAF Enfield's Armament Design Department where he worked on what would become the Korsak EM-1 light machine gun, led by Roman Korsak. Januszewski would later led a team to work on what would become the EM-2 in 1948, and would become a "Grade I engineer" at the Armament Design Establishment of the United Kingdom's Ministry of Supply around that time.[1]

Januszewski became a naturalized British citizen in 1947; on 14 October 1950, Januszewski officially changed his name to Stefan Kenneth Janson.[2] Janson would continue working on the EM-2, which was tested and adopted for a very short time; after the EM-2 project fell through, Janson designed the SOLA Super submachine gun and moved to the United States to work for Winchester.[1] He would later retire in the United States and die in 1993[3] aged 87.[1]

Works[edit | edit source]

Janson was known for his work on the EM-2 rifle, SOLA Super submachine gun and the Olin-Winchester SALVO rifle.

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