The Sterling Armament Company was a British firearms manufacturer based in Dagenham, London.


Sterling Armaments was established in 1940. During World War II it produced the Lanchester submachine gun and prototypes of the Patchett gun, which would be adopted by the British Army post-war as the Sterling L2. This gun because the company's flagship product and was widely exported and licensed around the world.

Although the L2 submachine gun proved popular, the company had trouble launching other products. During the 1960s and 70s it unsuccessfully attempted to market the LAR and the AR-18, neither of which saw many sales. In the 1980s, Sterling licensed production of the SAR-80 to Singapore, which was used briefly by their armed forces. Sterling marketed their last product in 1987, the SAR-87, which was an improved version of the SAR-80. Ultimately it failed to turn a profit and the company folded in 1988.

The Sterling brand was briefly reformed in April 2016 as an airgun manufacturer, although it ceased activities in July 2018.[1]

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