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The S17-100 was an Swiss-Austrian submachine gun that was produced by Steyr-Solothurn AG.


The S17-100 was adapted from the S1-100 submachine gun, modified into a support role with a redesigned receiver, trigger, and tripod mount. It was designed to be used both as a stationary turret gun and as a hip-fired submachine gun. It could be used in an infantry role, or fitted to a vehicle mount. However, it sold poorly and was not produced in quantity.

The S17-100 can be considered an example of the rare heavy submachine gun concept.


The S17-100 was a blowback-operated submachine gun that was heavily derived from the S1-100's action. The barrel and forward receiver were basically unchanged. However, the trigger was moved to the back of the gun and the return spring was laid out in a more conventional straight tube. The new trigger was a two-stage, centrally-pivoted trigger in which the upper section would give single shots and the lower section, when depressed fully, would give automatic fire. The sighting was identical to the S1-100's and it fed from 30-round magazines.