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For the early Soviet assault rifle designed by Georgy Shpagin, see Shpagin AS-44.

The AS-44 (Avtomat Sudayev, Автомат Суда́ев, Sudayev assault rifle) is an early Soviet assault rifle.


The AS-44 was an assault rifle developed by Alexey Sudayev in 1944. It was produced in very limited numbers, and was used on the Russian frontlines with success. They were determined to be reliable weapons during testing, but were not as accurate as the then-currently used Mosin-Nagant. His design showed promise, but Sudayev had fallen very ill by 1945, and passed away the next year, effectively halting all development of said weapon.

Design Details[]

The rifle used the very successful tilting bolt action, based on earlier Soviet designs. The 7th prototype of the weapon used a gas-delayed blowback action. The AS-44 had a bipod, and was incredibly heavy due to it.