The SureFire MGX (read as MG 10[1]), also known as the Sullivan MGX or ArmWest MGX, is an American light machine gun designed by Jim Sullivan, Bob Waterfield, Alan Ostrowski, Paul Latulippe Jr. and Hyunjung Samuel Eyssautier in 2002 and produced in prototype form only by ArmWest, LLC and marketed by SureFire, LLC as a technology demonstrator.

History[edit | edit source]

The MGX is Sullivan's most recently developed arm,[2] designed in 2002,[3] having designed this in addition to high-capacity 60- and 100-round STANAG magazines. The weapon was initially marketed by ArmWest, LLC, Sullivan's own company;[2] the patents for the weapon and the high-capacity magazines were later purchased by SureFire, LLC,[4] a maker of high-performance flashlights, in 2008.[3] Two prototypes were subsequently produced by ArmWest.

The weapon was first shown off publicly at SHOT Show 2019.[5] The weapon has not reached full production status and is unlikely to; SureFire have stated that they have no plans to enter the machine gun business, with the weapon essentially acting as a technology demonstrator for the company.[4] Despite the patents being owned by SureFire, the weapon retains ArmWest markings.

Design details[edit | edit source]

The MGX is a light machine gun featuring various elements from the many arms Sullivan designed in the past. The MGX is essentially a unified machine gun and rifle concept, similar to that of the Stoner 63 system; it is also noted to feature a very similar bolt to the AR-15 and the various operating mechanisms and quick-change barrel of the Ultimax 100. The weapon fires from a closed bolt when firing semi-automatically and from an open bolt when firing fully-automatically.[2] The MGX features a stock that can fold both ways and can also be removed.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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