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The TKB-022 was a series of Soviet prototype assault rifles designed by German Korobov. The weapons are known for their extensive use of bakelite in construction and their unusual form factors.

TKB-022[edit | edit source]

The TKB-022 came with a grip mounted magazine as a means of making magazine reloading quicker, but was found to have nasty ergonomics for the intended user.

TKB-022PM[edit | edit source]

One of the most exotic forms of bullpup rifles, this variant used a unique operation using a vertically moving bolt assisted by a U-shaped rammer/extractor to cycle its operation. Cartridge ejection was through a tube above the barrel forward above the muzzle.

The TKB-022PM5 variant was chambered in the then-experimental 5.6×39mm ammunition, a round that would later evolve into the 5.45x39mm ammunition.

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