Not to be confused with the Korsak EM-1.

The EM-1 (officially the Rifle, caliber .280, EM 1), was a prototype assault rifle that was produced by RSAF Enfield.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The EM-1 rifle was designed in the mid-40s and entered British rifle trials during the following years. It was a bullpup select-fire rifle with a carrying handle and integral optical scope, a trait shared with the competing EM-2 rifle. The EM-1 was designed to be adaptable to multiple combat scenarios; it could be used as an assault weapon, a marksman rifle or a support weapon. The EM-1 was a complex and user-unfriendly weapon, however, and it lost out to the EM-2, which was briefly adopted by the British Army but quickly replaced by the Belgian FAL.

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