• and would like to see this site grow!

    imo its the best guns forum in www...

    but i have some questions: does the DISCUSSIONS page work?(how can i write there?) there any possibility, f.e. a special page of this wikia/fandom?, where i can recommend guns that i would like to see in this wikia/fandom? (maybe just here in your message wall?)

    3.i dont have much time now to create pages for, but i have info to share with you that could help to improve this wikia...

    like some internet sites where you can find great gun-graphics or infos about new guns, etc

    so how can i make you know about these sites?, just leaving the URLs here in your message wall?

    ok, thats all for now...thanks

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    • If you don't want to make articles, you can either make posts on the forum or join the discord chat and make posts there.

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