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Anthony Stavros Neophytou[1] (pronounced neo-fee-too) is a South African firearms designer.


Neophytou is of Cypriot descent.[2] Neophytou was originally based in the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research in South Africa, where he was a senior technical director. He later moved to PMP Denel Land Systems where he served from 1998 to 2009, after which he left to create Neopup Marketing (pty) ltd.

He is now the director of Neostrike (Pty) Ltd.[3]


Most of Neophytou's weapons begin with the word "Neo"; weapons he has designed include the Denel NTW-20, Neopup PAW-20, Neostead 2000 and the upcoming NeoStrike machine gun.


  • Neophytou is regarded as one of the few people who have experienced the entire process of firearms design from ideation to production.[4]