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U.S. Fire Arms Manufacturing Company Inc., also known as USFA, was an American firearms manufacturing company founded by Douglas Donnelly and active from 1993 to 2011.


The company was founded in 1993[1] and started as an importer of Uberti replicas. The company was based in the site of the former Colt East Armory, nicknamed The Blue Dome, from its inception. USFA later began to produce their own parts and weapons, and ended up purchasing a second site outside Connecticut to accommodate CNC machinery.

The company no longer exists as of late 2011; the company has since moved out of The Blue Dome and sold off its equipment and machinery. Donnelly later opened ZiPFactory, a short-lived company, in the same place where USFA originally was.


As stated earlier, USFA was originally an importer of Uberti firearms into the United States. However, they later began to produce their own firearms, such as replicas of old Western firearms, the most famous of which were their Colt Single Action Army replicas, which are said to be of exceptional quality; other firearms they produced replicas of include the Colt Lightning carbine and M1911 pistol. USFA Single Action Army replicas appear to now fetch fairly high prices on firearms auction websites due to their excellent perceived quality, in addition to USFA being no longer in business.


  • USFA had an active role in firearms politics in the United States; they issued a statement on the District of Columbia v. Heller court decision on the interpretation of the Second Amendment.